Night at the Rideau McDonald’s

By: Gavin Russell
That night he got just drunk enough
Where everything became a good idea
So off he went at the Rideau McDonald’s


jhr_logo_large_globe1.jpgThat night he got just drunk enough

Where everything became a good idea
So off he went at the Rideau McDonald’s

Stumbling around as if a couple Corona

In his inner cavity could qualify as his ownership papers

By the time he was done
he had, stolen a girl’s food

Thrown up on a sidewalk

Fell asleep on his chair

And he could barely even talk

But that’s not why I’m telling you this story

You see, there was a man sitting by the entrance

Draped in a neon orange coat that was

About three years too old

Wearing a pair of jeans

Torn too many holes to prevent cold

And a pair of shoes

That with another step would have toes to lose

He was silent

When this guy who was inebriated

Thought it would be smart if he invaded

His personal space

The drunk said something, I don’t know what to this day

But what he said caused a scene

The man jumped and began to scream

Grabbed the drunk by the collar and said
What did you say to me?

I figured my role was to intervene

So I did

The drunk left, the man sat down again

And I apologized to him
You see the drunk was a friend of mine

So I felt a little responsible
That’s when the man reached out,

Gripped my right hand

With both of his and he said

“Son, I want to talk for a minute”
I wanted to pull away but his eyes were like quicksand
I was stuck in it

His eyes were glazed like frosted glass

And his pupils blended into his iris

As his dark eyes were boarded up windows

So I couldn’t see into his soul

And I wondered if his soul was alive anymore

And he said to me
“Do you believe in spirits?”
I said sometimes I do yes
“Son, do you believe in love?”
And I said yes I do
He paused for a moment

And spoke through quivering lips as he said
“I don’t believe anymore”

He gripped my hand even more tightly

As he began to weep openly

About who he was now and what he was supposed to be
I listened to him
I said nothing
For ten minutes

I listened to this man

Who was gripping my hand as if

Letting go of me, was letting go of himself

And he told me everything

He was native,

He was born on a reserve

He abandoned it for this life

Which he said left him with nothing

As he gripped my hand tighter and tighter
I could feel that his heart kept getting lighter

Until he finally saw he was not on a cliff

And that is when he finally saw fit

To let go of my hand
He said thank you
He said I reminded him there was still

Good people in this world

And with that I left

That man, who said he had nothing
Taught me everything

Sometimes we just need to listen

Because talking from our mouths is overrated

And always talking from our hearts will make us jaded

So listen with your heart instead

Speak your mind
And if someone asks

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”
Give them ten minutes of your time.

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