Here’s to You: An Ode to the People Who Made Me a Feminist

By Emily Fearon 

Here’s to you, Dad,

You who loved your girls

Taking on fatherhood

With an air undaunted

And raised us with the knowledge

That we were wanted.


Here’s to you, Mum,

Who wouldn’t buy me Barbies

Even though I was upset

You didn’t sit idle

You bought me books because you knew

that Barbie shouldn’t be my idol.


Here’s to you, gym teachers,

Who made us play with the boys

It wasn’t always fun

We would trip and we would fall

But you know girls run just as fast

And you were right, I beat them all.


Here’s to you, my best friend,

You were always the wise one

In seventh grade girlishness,

I thought he was hot

You pointed out my objectification

And that is a moment never forgot.


Here’s to you, my guy friends,

Thank you for not thinking twice

About hanging out with us girls

You are the brothers I never had

We could talk, cry, laugh together

We were different, but that wasn’t bad.


And here’s to you, cat callers,

Who remind me of the cause

I can’t be angry, you’re a product of this world

You’ve believed the lies at a cost

No woman will ever appreciate your jeers

In the end, it’s you who’ve lost.

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