Chapel Hill Shootings: A Hate Crime

By: Sarah Alsadi

Image from GettyImages

Image from GettyImages

I’ve seen injustice, ignorance that’s demoralizing and an evil so deep that the devil would swoon, and the angels would weep, our mothers and fathers would too.

I turn on the news, the appalling dehumanizing Western media is at it again, nothing but the romanticizing of a killer, and it sends me over the edge.

He’s an animal, a terrorist, a hate filled individual, the one with the gun. He killed three young people, shot them dead over a “parking spot”, the things the media wants us to believe. I’m spinning, I must be lost.

My mind is sent in a world wind of directions, my heart is at my feet, these recollections, I’m so distracted, this is not a first, nor will it be the last is all I can presume. There’s nowhere to run, and we’re not safe, not even in our own homes, I shake, “get me out of this place”.

Deah, Yusor and Razan, all under the age of 25, had their lives ahead of them and now they’ve died. I fear to close my eyes, because all I see is red. The blood of our brothers and sisters who keep being taken too soon seem to continuously flood my head. I must re-say the following: You don’t need to be Muslim to feel the tragic events that have been mentioned, and feel the loss of these compassionate souls that had their entire futures ahead of them.

I want to know why the media will not label this as a terrorist act, a hate crime is what this was; we have all the facts. But we’ve all been painted with the same brush, on the same canvas, the hateful ones are not a representation of all of us.

Deah and Yusor had only been married a couple of months murdered in cold blood, what a tragic love story, the inhumanity turns my blood hot. And, to think that these people were off to do great things, involved in charities, getting educations, and were such a soulful part of their community.

I must be in a daze, this world never ceases to amaze, tragedies never seem to hit me in any other way than to give me that ‘wind being knocked out of me’ type of feeling. All I can say is that the pain I feel can only be multiplied a thousand times for the people who knew these individuals, and for that keep them in your prayers, because the thought of loss is maddening, but the loss itself is incomparable.

May they rest in paradise, heaven is waiting.

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