By Mamta Manhas

“Get over it” they say

The ignorance is self-evident

I hope many don’t have this mind-set

Of how mental illness can be fixed

People wonder why the talk is so taboo

But with statements so hurtful and this kind of mentality

It doesn’t open up the conversation to save my sanity

So I’ll sit here with a mask

Painted and Proper

Beautiful in the distance

The cracks non-existent

It’s hard to see me falter

Until you get too close

Under my act, you’ll see the attacks

Inflicted by overthinking but in actuality

Disappointment holds me back

See I don’t think you realize

How much I must maintain

This look of happiness

Under all the pain

My resilience is my saviour

No matter how low I can go

I’ve been through much worse

These hardships will cause my growth

One day I won’t be so constrained in my mind

Slow is my process to recovery

I’ll learn to love myself and allow only good vibes

It’s a battle that will increase my life expectancy

Mental Illness will not defeat me

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