Do you have a nickname?

By Manahil Bandukwala







When your name isn’t “normal,”

every introduction

starts off the same,

even then,

constantly saying,

“actually, it’s (insert correct name here)”

reply: “yeah, whatever, same thing.”

Not realizing,

the strike,

the sting,

the sink,

behind the laugh.

Manahil Bandukwala is in her first year at Carleton University, studying English. An avid writer, she has had two short stories and two poems published in anthologies in Pakistan and Canada. Currently, she is working on a novel-length piece that analyses more deeply racial and religious issues in Pakistan, as well as explores and exposes the progression of the younger generation. Much of her work, both written and visual, involves critiquing racial issues, drawn from her experiences and observations as a Pakistani.

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  1. I love this. Sometimes normal names get the same reaction. My name is Stephen. I get reactions like “Ethan?” “Stefan?” or people will simply shorten the name for me and call me “Steve” despite it not being my preference.

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