Humans of Ottawa’s Streets

Photos and interviews done by Meagan Casalino



“I am a carver. I make Inuit carvings, my wife was Inuit. I learned how to make polar bears and I still do . . . Actually, I was in the newspaper a few weeks ago, I mean for being homeless. There’s a young man down the street who owns a restaurant. He helps me out all the time and he made a piece about me for the paper. I have it at my friend’s place. ”



“I’ve hitchhiked all the way to BC.”

“Just for fun?”

“Just for fun. Ya, I’ve done it about five or six times. It was a lot of fun, I haven’t seen out East yet, but maybe that will be the next place I go.”




“I have chronic pain. I got hurt 10 years ago. My back is basically ruined, I can walk for very short distances, that’s it . . . I couldn’t get a doctor, I ended up turning to crime. I broke into three pharmacies, and I got caught breaking into the pharmacies. I went to jail, and from jail the judge told me to come to Ottawa to Salvation Army where there were more resources here for me, where I don’t have to do that again.”



“I like to stay at home and watch movies, I’m a recovering addict for five years now, so I don’t really do too much. I’m still learning how to be sober and do my own life being sober because I was an addict for such a long time I got used to being high doing everything. So now, going back and doing all this things that I had to do while I was high, and being able to be used to it, is a lot harder.”

“So what’s your favourite movie?”

“I would have to say the Lazarus Effect . . . It’s just crazy, you have to see it.”



“I’ll be 25 on the 20th next month . . . I’m a alcoholic and drug addict who is six months sober. I was hoping to go back to school, but I first need to focus on my addiction to survive.”


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