Love Is Not A Problem

Licensed CC0 Public Domain

By Julia Ranallo

For loving I’ve been hurt,

Taunted and forgotten

It’s caused you anger, made you judge

But why is my love a problem?

For the girls who live on the street

Because their families couldn’t understand

How could they love a woman over a man

Why was their love a problem?

And for boys who grew up bullied

Made to think their sexuality was against God

For males who feared their identity was a sin

How is that not a problem?

For all LGBTQ members who’ve been hiding in their shells

Because they fear the risk of living truly to themselves

It suffocates the beauty of diversity and keeps us from being free

Don’t you agree that’s a problem?

When LBGTQ members remain in danger of persecution,

And when their rights become the subject of political debate,

Or when we question the authenticity of love unless it’s straight,

Is when we make love a problem

Giving love shouldn’t be frightening

Nor should it have confines

Whether to a man, whether to a woman

In the end, love is blind

In a world of war and terror

When hatred seems most loud

Love shouldn’t be shamed, but make us proud

Why make love a problem?

My love injures no one

But your slurs and stereotypes do

To give love is not a crime

Yet my sexuality is troubling to you

When love is told to hide

But hatred gets room to flourish

We cultivate a culture of judgment, of disconnect

And forget the essence of respect

I was simply made to love others

As we all are able to do

This is how I am: I love as I feel

And what I feel is powerful – it’s real

The way I am is not a choice

But your hatred is one

And even if I could choose my sexuality

It is still never be your place to judge

It’s not a lot to ask for love

When all you do is give it

When love is only answered by hate

Such a response seems unfit

Love does not have one single destination

And so long as it is given fearlessly

And if it can be shared wherever it is felt

Can we learn to live harmoniously?

Love is not a problem

In a world that needs it more

Open your eyes and open your heart

Stop making love a problem

Julia Ranallo is a third year Journalism and Law student at Carleton University. Her interests include human rights, law reform, women’s issues and aboriginal issues.
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