Carleton Journalists for Human Rights is a chapter of the international organization Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), and is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We are a diverse group of human rights advocates dedicated to our goal of making people around the world aware of their human rights because awareness is the first step towards eradicating human rights abuses. The Carleton chapter does this by producing and publishing Rights Media and hosting fundraising and awareness events.

Rights Media is the process of writing, collecting, editing, producing and distributing media that creates societal dialogue on human rights issues. The views that will ultimately be expressed by persons in Carleton JHR’s articles do not necessarily reflect the views of Journalists for Human Rights International, Carleton JHR, its editors or its writers. Rather, Rights Media seeks to include the voices and views of all involved in a story.

 JHR International seeks to improve reporting on human rights issues around the world; concentrating in post-conflict zones. JHR sends journalism trainers around the world to teach local journalists how to report fairly and accurately on human rights abuses occurring in their communities.

Carleton JHR was started in January 2004 by a group of dedicated journalism students at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Membership of Carleton JHR is not restricted to those studying Journalism; one simply has to have an interest in how human rights is reported by the media. Our members come from a wide range of disciplines.

Our team’s motto is “Dream Big.” We encourage all our members to think of the people they idolize and we work to get them to do speaking events with us. This year we had Senator Roméo Dallaire come in March to help us out with a new cause. As well, we want members to start covering their dream stories now. Why do you have to wait to graduate before you can report on the issues you believe matter.

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